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By Boteco Brazilian

"For generations, men and women try to hide what they have of most vulnerable and sensitive in their anatomy - 'La Cutis', avoiding sensuality in exchange of inhibition and shame. Being yourself, allowing others to see it, is no longer a taboo, your body is a magical gift, enjoy it!"

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Hi, my name is Maria Lucia, I am a Brazilian National living in Copenhagen, and working as waxing-specialist.

Getting waxed and performing waxing-treatments became part of my routine about 15 years ago, I jumped right into the waxing business by starting treating family and friends and I have grown into an experienced and relaxed waxing-specialist.

Considering the fact that, for many people, the idea of having they intimate parts exposed, while receiving a beauty-treatment can be a discomfort, the atmosphere of our beauty-salon, is one that intend to make you feel relaxed and ‘at home-like’, or why not to say, at the ‘Boteco Brazilian’!

At Boteco Brazilian – Waxing care, you will be offered a cup of tea or coffee, a glass of juice. This all you will enjoy, while listening to nice music.

If you too are tired of using razors every other day, which can in fact harm your skin, thickening the structure of the hair or if you are willing to try an alternative way of removing the unwanted hair, then why not try something different, a more efficient and environmentally sustainable way of removing your unwanted hair?

In case you want to optimize your skin-touch sensitiveness, increase muscle definition, to aprimorize higene or simply get rid off unwanted hair for longer time than the time provided by razor blades or trimmings, our waxing-sessions at ‘Boteco Brazilian – Waxing Care’, might be the perfect solution for you.

You will not regret it when get to understand the reason why so many people all over the world are joining body waxing trends.

To perform our treatments, we use mixed methods of waxes – Ecologic: water-based, sugar, chocolate, cloves and other natural ingredients. Synthetic waxes may be applied, according to the need, or in some instances, when requested. Our synthetic waxes are available and authorized within European cosmetic industry.

Prior to the Brazilian Waxing (intim-waxing) treatment, our costumer will receive 10 minutes special care, a procedure, which will favour the opening and cleansing of the pores, minimizing possible infections of the skin while helping to ease the discomfort during the waxing session.

After treatment, you will receive cold-water compress to minimize the skin’s discomfort, thereafter, you will have a gentle skin-massage with oils and skin-moisturizer that will calm down the skin and help to avoid skin irritations.


WAXING (full treatment*)

1/2 legs 200 DKK
Full legs (women) 300 DKK
Full legs (men) 400 DKK
Shoulders 200 DKK
Back 200 DKK
Shoulders + back 400 DKK
Full arms + hands 300 DKK
Upper Arms 100 DKK
Chest 200 DKK
Abdomen 200 DKK
Chest + Abdomen 300 DKK
(* precare or aftercare massage)

(If very hairy, we may charge 100 for each item.)

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian (women) 300 DKK
Brazilian (men) 400 DKK
Full Brazilian + Buttocks 500 DKK
Bikini/ Speedo line 200 DKK
Buttocks + anus 300 DKK


Body scrub (30 min) 300 DKK


Before and After Care

At Boteco Brazilian – Waxing Care, customer satisfaction is our engine. Here, you will be treated with respect, the care and attention you deserve it, and for this reason, we are sure of your return.
Minimizing pain and discomfort during hair removal sessions will make your decision to receive a waxing treatment with Us a special and unique experience, and all this within a pleasant and relaxed environment.

Before Your Wax

For best results in hair removal, we recommend keeping the skin free of oils or creamy substances prior your arrival for treatment.
Make sure your hair is long enough to remove completely from the roots – it should be at least 0.5 centimetres. If you’ve shaved the area within the last few weeks it might take a couple of waxes to get your hair into a cycle of growth that allows the most effective wax finish.

Immediately after your wax

You’ve just had your hair removed at the root after all and this leaves your follicles exposed and more susceptible to bacteria.
This means no sunbathing for at least 12 hours also avoid touching the waxed area too much and wear loss closes.

3-10 Days after waxing

Next consideration is to ensure you prevent ingrown hairs. It can lead to itchiness, redness and raised red lumps.
Use a exfoliating glove or soap every 2-3 days.
It doesn’t need to be hard scrubbng, just a gentle exfoliation.

How long will your wax last?

If you’re a first-time or occasional waxer you will likely notice some new hair growth within 2-3 weeks.
Regular waxing will begin to leave the area hair free for up to two months, even longer for some.


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